This inclusive community was created with the vision of facilitating respectful and interactive gameplay. Although respectful roleplay is the primary focus of the server, we have included designated PVP areas, as this is a part of Rust that we would like our players to enjoy. The intent of this design is to allow it to be used as an avenue for players to explore various aspects of gameplay in a safe environment and to use that exposure to exercise their choice of exploring others servers that are more focused on the specific aspects of gameplay they enjoy.

We are incredibly proud of the wonderful community we have built together. It is a reflection of the kindness and respect you all display in your interactions. It fosters a sense of belonging and friendship among our members and paves the way for creativity to flourish. The support and camaraderie that each one of you brings to this space has truly made it a special place for everyone. The bonds we’ve formed, the stories we’ve created, and the adventures we’ve shared are a testament to the incredible heart of our community.

Thank you for being respectful, creative, and simply amazing.

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Behavior Rules

  • Be respectful to other players. No racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, or excessive toxicity.
  • Harassment, doxxing, abuse, slander, hate speech, slurs, and discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
  • Racial stereotypes, sexual violence, domestic abuse, suicide, school shootings, slavery, etc. are considered inappropriate and RP, chat, comments, notes, jokes, graffiti, usernames, notes, bag names, etc. that are disrespectful or that are about these are prohibited. Use of these terms may result in an automatic ban from the server.
  • Actions taken to expressly deny other players the ability to enjoy the community or gameplay are not allowed (including bullying, stream sniping, and insiding).
  • Any player caught harassing or bullying another player on the server or outside of the server, but in relation to their presence on the server will be removed or dealt with accordingly.
  • Please be mindful that everyone is allowed to focus on aspects of gameplay they enjoy. Your ideas or interests may not coincide, but please be respectful.
  • Respect the roleplay and respect those who are not currently looking for an interaction.
  • Know your audience. RP, chat, actions, etc. should not make others uncomfortable. If someone is saying or doing something that makes you uncomfortable, please ask them to stop or ask them to avoid that type of interaction with you and let an admin know.
  • No inappropriate usernames or profile pictures. Usernames referring to sexual acts and genitalia are not allowed. No websites in usernames. Chat and usernames must be in English characters.
  • Signs, fireworks, graffiti, etc. must follow Twitch TOS (private and public) and must not be discriminatory or inappropriate. No excessive or inappropriate chat spam or sounds (via mic, soundboard, etc. and no music).
  • Excessive toxicity towards players and/or staff will not be tolerated and will result in a mute, kick, or ban determined by staff without warning. Discord tickets should be used to communicate behavioral issues. Keep us informed. Behavioral issues will be discussed with all parties involved. Behavior that continues to drive people (players or staff) from the community will result in a mute, kick, or ban from the server and/or discord as determined by the staff team.
  • Please trust that the staff team serves as a valuable resource and mediator with the community’s best interests in mind whenever behavioral issues arise. Kindly refrain from directing frustrations at staff members who are genuinely striving to encourage compromise and provide assistance.

General Rules

  • No killing on sight (KOS), random death match (RDM), or griefing (ex. placing traps, authorizing on a TC to deny access, building with the intention of building blocking, etc.)
  • No roleplaying (RP) as a killer, thief, bounty hunter, etc. and no using RP or creating temporary PVP zones as a cover or excuse for killing people.
  • If you have a disagreement with another player, please try to roleplay to a solution or respectfully come to a resolution before resorting to a ticket.
  • If you are asked to leave someone’s property, please respect their request without hard feelings. Someone may ask you to leave if they are not currently looking to RP.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact a staff member regarding any concerns or assistance.
  • Please create a ticket If your items are not recoverable due to misconduct of another player.
  • If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation or fear your items being lost, please take a clip or screenshot of your inventory and/or players in question to make recovery easier.
  • Any instance where a loophole in gameplay or in the rules is being exploited will be handled by an admin decision.
  • You will not be allowed to play if you have any accounts with a rust game ban in the last 180 days or >1 rust game ban.
  • A ban labeled with the reason “Ban Appeal Via Discord” may be enforced to facilitate a discussion on an ongoing issue. This measure is in place to prevent further damage and to ensure that players thoroughly review the rules. Generally, bans with this designation are promptly lifted following a conversation and acknowledgment of the rules, providing a quick and efficient resolution.
  • Use of third-party applications (using the Rust+ protocol) on the server relating to PVP timers or locations are not allowed and will result in an automatic temporary ban for 15 minutes.

This wipe, there will be a designated PVP and raid zone (which will be referred to as PRZ below), as designated by the yellow outline below. If your TC authorization range extends into the PRZ, your base will be considered within the PRZ and are subject to PRZ rules. There should be no question of whether your base is on the border of the PRZ.

Building and Gameplay Rules

  • You may ask a staff member to trade 4 wind turbines for a test generator.
  • You may not wall off monuments (including tiny monuments such as surfaces of caves and water wells). Compounds should be limited to 100 high external walls and gates (or equivalent) and must not take away from gameplay, otherwise they will be reduced in size or removed.
  • External TCs should only be used for securing building privilege around compounds. They should not be used to claim land. You must place compound walls down first.
  • Traps should not hit anyone outside a base or compound (this includes peacekeeps as a passing player could be marked hostile). Traps that do not follow this may be temporarily adjusted to mitigate harm. Trap bases are not allowed.
  • Tool cupboards will stack building materials (wood, stone, metal fragments, and high quality metal) up to stacks of 50,000.
  • External TCs, deployables, and walls around decayed bases may be removed by an admin. Buildings or building blocks that are used to claim land or that are blocking building privilege may be removed at admin discretion without prior warning.
  • If server performance or gameplay issues arise due to deployables (ex. picture frames, wind turbines , lights, planter boxes, sprinklers, etc.) you may be asked to adjust or remove them.
  • Player controlled drones may be flown at the owner’s risk and others will not be held responsible for recovery.

Raiding and Looting Rules

  • Offline raiding is not allowed. Online raiding is not allowed unless agreed upon by both parties for an RP or event purpose.
  • Sleepers cannot be killed or looted for 20 minutes after a server restart only. Please be mindful that a player may have crashed. If a player crashes and reconnects within a reasonable amount of time, an admin may try to coordinate to see if items can be returned. Please create a ticket as soon as possible to let us know. Saving the player’s items for some time and letting an admin know is appreciated.
  • Non-decaying bases:
    • Twig blocks should not be destroyed. Twig is not considered a secure building material and loot stored behind twig or in unsecure areas of a base will not be returned. You are responsible for securing your loot before logging off. This rule is not meant to encourage stealing.
    • Compounds are considered secure. Unlocked storage, locked storage, and deployables within secure areas of a base or compound cannot be looted. If you are caught looting a non-decaying base, you may be asked to leave or killed.
    • The legacy shelters will be considered building blocks, not deployables, and therefore should not be broken. They should be allowed to fully decay before the contents can be looted.
    • Unsecure deployables may be looted.
      • Unsecure deployables refer to items within building privilage that are either unlocked or cannot be locked and that are that are accessible without boosting, placing twig, flying, etc.
      • Boxes outside of building privilege are not considered secure and may be destroyed
    • Locked boxes within building privilege should not be destroyed.
    • If you are caught looting a deployable you may be warned and then killed by the owner. If you are asked to leave you must do so.
    • Twig and ladders should not be placed on another player’s base and boosting, flying, parachuting, etc. should not be used to gain access to another player’s base.
    • If you gain access to an unlocked tool cupboard (TC), you may not grief the base (ex. authorizing TC and building to close it off or taking items).
      • If you find a non-decaying base left open or a base that looks like it has been raided, please do not loot it. Please reach out to an admin to help secure it. Any items that were lost between the time a base was left open and the time an admin closed or secure it will not be returned. We advise locks be placed on deployables since locked boxes within building privilege should not be destroyed. Players that continue to loot non-decaying bases instead of reporting to an admin will be disciplined accordingly.
    • Decaying bases:
      • If a base is decaying, all building blocks made of the same material will experience decay. While some blocks may decay at different rates, the overall rule is that if a base is actively decaying, all building blocks composed of the same material will not be at full health. You can check the current health of a building block with a hammer. If you are unsure if a base is actively decaying or if it may look to have been raided, please reach out to an admin.
      • Decaying bases cannot be raided (ex. breaking tool cupboards or building blocks) or griefed (ex. closing off by authorizing on TC and building walls). If something is not lootable due to building privilege, repair the building block it is on until the block the TC is on decays.
      • Decaying bases can be looted and locked boxes can be broken. Twig and ladders can be placed on decaying bases.
      • If the base owner returns to their decaying base, looters may be asked to leave to secure the base.
      • Decaying bases are not PVP zones.
  • Killed players:
    • Players killed outside of a PVP zone are not lootable but are responsible for getting back to their own body.
    • Players who have hit the Patrol Helicopter and die to it are lootable until the Patrol Helicopter leaves or all of the boxes have been looted; you cannot kill other players who are trying to take the Patrol Helicopter down.

PVP / Monument Rules

  • PVP has been designated to specific areas of the map. Please see the table below for information regarding which monuments are PVP vs non-PVP.
  • The PVP area at designated monuments is limited to terrain change or adjacent roads, whichever is closer.
    • For the point where the PVP zone changes from being limited by a road to being limited by terrain change, the PVP zone extends directly from the apex of the road to the terrain change (see example below).

  • Oil rig PVP zones are a 5x5 grid around each rig that extend to the coordinate grid.
  • If you have died in PVP or for an RP reason, do not assume a teleport back from admins.
  • There is a max team size of 8 for PVP zones.
PVP Monuments / Zones Temporary PVP Zones Non-PVP Monuments Safe Zones
Large Oil Rig Patrol Helicopter Gas Station Outpost
Small Oil Rig Air Drops Supermarket Bandit Camp
Launch Site Locked Crates Lighthouse Fishing Village
Missile Silo Cargo Ship Mining Outpost Barn / Ranch
Military Tunnels   Harbors  
Arctic Research Base   Ferry Terminal  
Power Plant   Water Treatment  
Train Yard   Satellite Dish  
Airfield   Desert Military Base  
Sewer Branch   Giant Excavator  
HQM Quarry   Work Carts  
AC8 Gas Station   Stone Quarry  
    Sulfur Quarry  
    Underwater Labs  
PRZ   Junkyard  
  • Players in PVP zones may not attack players outside of it and vice versa.
  • If a fight breaks out in a non-temporary PVP zone, the fight can continue until both parties leave the designated area.
  • If you are killed or downed while the temporary PVP is active, your body can be looted by anyone, including yourself, after the temporary PVP is over. The looting of bodies after the PVP has ended should not be a PVP zone. If you do not want to participate in temp PVP, stay inside and out of vision.
  • New Life Rule:
    • Upon death to PVP, you are not allowed to visit the area where your body is for the next 10 minutes. Any loot you had is forfeit and is lootable by anyone. Do not go back for it. If you die alone due to a PVE situation within a PVP zone you are free to go back to your body.
    • If you are killed in a PVP situation, you may not be invited back to continue the fight or to retrieve your items as other players may be present. If a player says they are leaving items for you to pick up after your 10 minute timer is up, they will not be held responsible for items that may be missing. If you have waited the 10 minute timer, return to your death location, and are killed again by the same player, this will not be considered baiting a PVP zone; you are reentering at your own discretion.
    • The new life rule does not apply to the PRZ. It applies to temporary PVP (except Patrol Helicopter PVP) and all other PVP zones.
    • If you die in a PVP zone outside of the PRZ you should not respawn in your camper or tugboat as this would be a violation of the new life rule.
  • Please be careful about entering a PVP zone (PVP monument or PRZ) with a tugboat or camper since all of the items inside would be at risk.
  • Temporary PVP Zones:
    • Patrol Helicopter:
      • The temporary PVP zone begins when the destroyed Patrol Helicopter hits the ground. Do not use another player’s base for protection from the Patrol Helicopter. Please be mindful about taking down Patrol Helicopter in populated areas.
      • The temporary PVP zone ends when all of the crates have been looted.
        • If the Patrol Helicopter is destroyed, falls near you, and you do not wish to participate in PVP, either stay inside a building out of vision or stay away until all of the crates have been looted.
        • Your base may be used as cover by people in the area who are currently in PVP after the Patrol Helicopter has fallen.
      • If Patrol Helicopter damages another player’s base you are required to inform an admin to help seal and repair the base. If you have not hit it and it falls and damages your base, please let an admin know and we can help you with repairs.
      • Players who have hit the Patrol Helicopter and die to it are lootable until the Patrol Helicopter leaves or all of the boxes have been looted; you cannot kill other players who are actively trying to take the Patrol Helicopter down. (Same as the rule above regarding killed players.)
      • Calling out when all crates have been looted is advised.
      • The new life rule does not apply to Patrol Helicopter PVP.
    • Airdrops:
      • Airdrops are considered temporary PVP zones from the time they touch the ground until the time they are fully looted. If an airdrop has a parachute, it has not touched the ground. Since there is enough time before an airdrop touches the ground, check your surroundings, if an airdrop falls near you or you plan to loot one, be ready to engage in PVP.
      • If an airdrop recently falls near your base and you do not wish to participate in PVP, stay inside and out of vision. If an airdrop falls on top of a base, anyone going for the airdrop can climb or ladder up to it once it has stopped moving.
      • Airdrops should not be used specifically to create extended PVP zones.
    • Cargo ship:
      • Cargo ship PVP ends when the sirens signal that the ship is leaving.
      • If you do not wish to participate in cargo ship PVP, stay out of vision.
      • The new life rule does not apply to cargo if you die within the PRZ.
    • Locked crates:
      • Locked crates can be dropped by Chinook at monuments which are normally PVP and monuments that are not normally PVP. Locked crates should not be moved.
      • Locked crates at monuments that are normally non-PVP are considered temporary PVP zones from the time they touch the ground until the time they are fully looted.
    • Work carts:
      • For the work cart stations at PVP monuments and the PRZ, only the above-ground area is considered PVP.
  • Please use reasonable discretion when determining the size of a PVP and temporary PVP zones.
  • If you have any concerns about the boundaries of a PVP zone, please reach out to an admin.
  • You are not allowed to use RP or transportation to bait people into a PVP zone in order to kill them. If you are killed after being invited to a PVP zone, this will not be considered baiting; you are entering at your own discretion.
  • Other Monuments:
    • Giant Excavator:
      • Resource deposits are considered owned by the group running the excavator and follow the same rules as unsecure deployables.
      • Only the group running the excavator should interact with the excavator controls (diesel tank and resource selection). Excavator airdrops have been disabled.

Transportation Rules


  • You may store and use unlocked modes of transportation. Unlocked modes of transportation can be claimed by another player if completely unattended. (The majority of the time owners are nearby, so please use reasonable discretion and ask in game and in chat if anyone is nearby before taking unattended transportation. This rule is not meant to encourage stealing. If you are caught stealing you may be asked to leave or killed). Vehicles must be stored in a secure location while offline.
  • You should not shoot at people in vehicles within non-PVP zones.
  • If you die with any form of transportation in a temporary or permanent PVP zone, it may be taken. If you obtain a vehicle in PVP, please remember to remove existing locks, clear auth, and add a new lock.
  • Please create a ticket if your mode of transportation is not recoverable (vehicles that are stuck and cannot be moved by any other player).

Modular Cars, Minicopters, Scrap Transport Helicopters, Player Attack Helicopters, Submarines, Horses, Hot Air Baloons, Rowboats, Rhibs, Snowmobiles, Trains:

  • Locked modular cars can be left unattended, and therefore should not be damaged or have existing locks removed by other players. Do not leave your car on a powered car lift as this will not be considered secure.
  • You may not steal or kill horses owned by or led by another player.
  • Trains are considered public and cannot be owned. Trains may enter PVP areas so passengers should be aware of their surroundings. Trains may only be temporarily claimed when actively utilized.
  • Vehicle weapons should only be used to target other players within PVP zones.
  • You are responsible for securing guns and ammo placed in your player attack helicopter at all times. This rule is not meant to encourage stealing, but rather to encourage securing your loot. Items may not be returned if misplaced or stolen.

Tugboats and Campers:

  • Tugboats and campers located in the PVP Zones can be broken into and looted (explosives can be used).
  • Vehicles should not be moved into PVP zones by anyone other than the owners.
  • Please be careful about entering a PVP zone (PVP monument or PRZ) with a tugboat or camper since all of the items inside would be at risk.
  • Items lost due to decay will not be returned.
  • Tugboats:
    • Loot and deployables placed in locked areas of a tugboat are considered secure. Deployables placed in unsecure areas of a tugboat follow the same rules as unsecure deployables.
    • Tugboats are considered owned if all 3 doors are locked by the same player or team.
    • If you die in a PVP zone outside of the PRZ you should not respawn in your camper or tugboat as this would be a violation of the new life rule.
    • Commandeering in PVP Zone:
      • While commandeering a tugboat in a PVP zone, the bottom floor door must be broken first and all respawn points on the tugboat must be cleared. You may then break into one or both of the doors on the helm (where the driving controls are) and clear authorization on the boat. The third door may be broken after driving the boat outside of PVP (the previous owners should not interfere with the removal of this door).
      • A tugboat is not considered secure while being commandeered if all 3 locks do not belong to the same player or team.
      • Players may use explsoives to raid the doors on the tugboat.

Method Town Center Rules

  • The Method Town Center (MTC) will be a hub for fostering interactive gameplay, aiming to create a rich and interactive setting that accommodates a wide range of role-playing experiences.
  • To ensure a positive and immersive atmosphere, it’s crucial to establish clear rules and guidelines regarding player interactions within the MTC.
    • Protection from PvP and temporary PvP:
      • No PvP Combat:
        • Players are not allowed to engage in combat with each other while inside the MTC.
        • This rule promotes a cooperative and roleplay focused environment where players can focus on collaborative gameplay rather than competitive combat.
      • Airdrop Restrictions:
        • Player-initiated airdrops are not allowed within the area.
        • Airdrops that spawn naturally in this area are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, offering valuable resources without causing conflicts.
      • Restrictions on Patrol Helicopter:
        • Taking down the Patrol Helicopter is not allowed within the MTC.
        • Players who have taken down Patrol Helicopter outside of this area should not target players within this area.
    • Building Rules:
      • Players should not build bases with the intention of using them for PvE or PvP.
      • Due to the limited size of this area, compounds and external TCs are not permitted.

PVP Raid Zone Rules

  • The PVP Raid Zone Rules (PRZ) will be essentially vanilla, but many server rules will still apply. To avoid conflict, some rules will be explicitly stated below by category. Please be respectful.
    • Killing on sight (KOS) is allowed.
    • Griefing (placing and breaking traps, authorizing on a TC to deny access) is allowed, but building with the intention of blocking building privilege is not allowed.
    • Items lost in this area are not recoverable.
    • There is a max team size of 8 for PVP and bases in this area.
  • Building Rules:
    • Walling off monuments is not allowed. Test generators are allowed. Trap bases are allowed. External TCs should only be used for securing building privilege around compounds.
  • Raiding and Looting Rules:
    • Offline raiding (breaking building blocks) is not allowed. Offline and online looting is allowed.
      • You may loot and break boxes and tool cupboards in unsecure areas of a base. Unlootable deployables should not be destroyed.
      • Building ladders, flying, etc. can be used to gain access to unsecure areas of a base.
      • Twig is not considered secure and can be broken. Compounds are not considered secure.
      • Tugboats in PRZ are classified as vehicles and therefore can be broken into while a player is offline.
    • PVP should not turn into a raid without first confirming online status.
    • Online Raiding*:
      • Your base can be online raided if ½ of your team (rounded up) is online with at least one active person in the base when a raid begins: ⌈0.5 * team size⌉. Raiders must check with an admin via discord ticket to confirm online status. Raiders and defenders will have a 24-hour cooldown before being eligible to participate in another raid.
      • Raiders should receive a response within 12 hours of a raid request. The raid target should be confirmed before online status is checked. Once online status is confirmed and both the raiders and defenders have been notified that a raid is imminent, the raid should begin.
      • Counters may engage in PVP and may raid only using explosives obtained from countering.
      • A raid is over when the raiders have not used any explosives for 10 minutes.
        • Consent to an online raid may not be rescinded without the agreement of all parties.
        • *Raids require moderation and therefore may be delayed due to staff availability.
  • PVP Rules:
    • Players should be able to enter this area without being attacked immediately. Players in this zone may not attack players outside of it and vice versa. If a fight breaks out in a non-temporary PVP zone, the fight can continue until both parties leave the designated area. The new life rule does not apply to the PRZ or monuments that extend into the PRZ.
    • The work cart station in this zone is only considered PVP above ground.
    • If the train tunnel entrance is located in the PRZ, PVP is only permitted when a player is outside the tunnel entrance and not underneath the tunnel entrance.
  • Transportation:
    • Locked vehicles found in this zone may be damaged to destroy locks.
    • Tugboats and campers located in the PRZ can be broken into and looted (explosives can be used).
    • Please be careful about entering a PVP zone (PVP monument or PRZ) with a tugboat or camper since all of the items inside would be at risk.
    • Vehicles should not be moved into the PRZ by anyone other than the owners.

Purge Rules

  • The purge is vanilla gameplay and begins the Wednesday before wipe at 7 PM Eastern.
  • There is a max roam / raiding size of 4 members per team at once (Teammates may be benched in and out mid-raid, but there should never be more than 4 members of the same team at the same raid target at the same time. Teammates waiting to be swapped in must not leave base / respawn point until the teammate being swapped out has returned or died).

Admin Rules


  • Players can reach out to admins by creating a discord ticket or reaching out to us in game. For requests which do not require immediate attention, please feel free to post in the support channel. Admin response is only guaranteed via discord ticket. Allow up to 24 hours for pending tickets.
  • Please respect that, as a principal, we try to inform players, give them the chance to correct their actions and have a discussion with all parties involved before taking action. Give people the chance to learn and move forward without conflict.
    • Please note we will always prioritize issues pertaining to the behavior rules before attending to other matters. Be aware that not all information is made public, but rest assured we will be doing our due diligence to address concerns.
    • Please try to avoid spamming chat asking for admin assistance. We will get to you when we can. Feel free to call out again if it has been some time.
  • Issues that come up as a result of loopholes or lack of clarification in the rules will be addressed and decided by the admin team and adjusted accordingly.
  • Interpretation and final verdict are at admin discretion. Everything is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the rules stated here are to cover the basics.


  • Complaints about staff may be emailed to methodgamesrust@gmail.com and will be addressed with the staff member and the rest of the staff team.
  • Admins may act as mediators between players and teams but admins will not enforce the terms of any agreements that fall outside of the rules. Such agreements do not allow any violation of the rules.
  • In certain situations, such as removal of a team member, admins may attempt to facilitate conversation and compromise between players, but the terms should come from the players.
  • Toxicity and disrespect toward staff will not be tolerated including refusal to comply in regards to server matters. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Building and Admin Spawning

  • At any time you may reach out to an admin to either trade your building resources for admin stacks or trade 4 of your wind turbines (not just the materials) for a test generator.
  • If you have made progress with an RP building and you are in need of something you cannot normally get by crafting or looting, you may reach out to an admin for assistance.
  • If there is a service you would like help with, we encourage you to first reach out to other players. Please do not ask admins for free items.
  • Items spawned in for an admin sponsored event should not be taken. If admin spawned items are found, reach out via a ticket to ensure the return of these items. If spawned in items are taken from an admin, they will be recovered and despawned accordingly.


  • Admins may teleport you to an event but you are not guaranteed a teleport back. If you are asked to not bring items, you are not guaranteed storage or recovery if lost.
  • If you are killed by a safe zone (outpost / bandit camp / fishing village / barn / ranch) and would like help retrieving your items, feel free to reach out to us to help you.

*The rules are subject to change throughout the wipe if specific aspects need to be clarified or adapted. Not all aspects of gameplay can be detailed in the rules; please use your best judgment and follow the behavior rules.

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